Sunday, May 20, 2012

Message From Jackie "I am not retiring!"

This message from Jackie was posted on this morning and I felt it was important enough to repeat.

In reaction to widespread press reports concerning statements he made at the Cannes Film Festival, Jackie has sent the following message to his fans:

Hello All My friends and fans,

Yesterday in my press conference in Cannes for Chinese 12 Zodiac I said that this movie was my last big action movie.

Today I was shocked when I woke up to read all the news coverage that I was retiring from doing Action movies.

I just want to let everyone know that I am not retiring from doing action movies. What I meant to say is that I need to do less of the life risking stunts on my movies. After all these years of doing so many stunts and breaking so many bones, I need to take better care of my body so I can keep working.

I will continue to do international action movies.

And I will keep improving my English :-)

I love all of you!




Anonymous said...

I was shoken when I saw that, but now I'm happy to see, that he will continue to do action movies.

Smooth Girl said...

Lol, this is kinda funny :) I'm more than sure there could be no meaning in his words other than that "Chinese zodiac" is his last big action movie" :D He was as straight as possible during the press conference in Cannes.
I just think he never really really wanted to end with action movies. He wants to be more than an action star - that is understandable. But action movies are no foe of his) This is something I'm not sure if he entirely understands:)

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