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Jackie Chan Special Edition Mitsubishi Evo's

● Fire Sports EVO 8 MR

The Evo8 has a 4G63 classic red top engine through Ralliart ( Mitsubishi Queen conversion brand "pull art") is further enhanced, making the power output more sensitive, this EVO 8 greatly enhanced the power ratio, maintaining a good dynamic response at low speed so that the car is more suitable for city roads.

经典的4G63红顶发动机经过了Ralliart(三菱御用改装品牌“拉力艺”)的进一步强化,使得动力输出更为灵敏,这款EVO 8代半并没有采用一般改装厂较为普遍的将动力大幅提升的方案,保持良好的低转速动力响应让该车更适合游走在城市道路中。

● Fire Sports EVO 9

Shortly after the launch of the Fire Sports EVO 8 MR Jackie Chan, Jackie and the company co- launched the more exaggerated EVO 9 with a limited edition model. The car also uses a lot of carbon fiber modifications. A total of 50 limited edition cars were made. Fans will be swept away, proving Big Brother's appeal and influence.

在Fire Sports EVO 8 MR成龙版推出不久后,成龙大哥又与该公司 合作 推出了外观更为夸张的EVO 9代限量版车型,该车同样使用了大量的碳纤维外观套件,定价为60万港币, 香港 只有10台的限额。该车总共限量50台,一经推出便被车迷与影迷们一扫而空,足以见得大哥的号召力与影响力。

As typical performance cars, regardless of official or unofficial modifications, EVO's have a long list of outstanding cars. Compared to these the Jackie Chan EVO 9 does not have outstanding performance and perhaps can not be described as having the most elegant design. But it is undeniable that Jackie spares no effort to use his reputation in the international arena to promote Chinese Culture. Usually when seen in public, almost without exception, Jackie dresses in Chinese clothes. Going back to cars this limited edition EVO proves this point by using the Dragon Logo throughout.


The Dragon emblem on the front.

Federal Tires launched a "Jackie Chan" sport tire.

Visible carbon fiber modifications and the 'Dragon' Logo.

● Jackie Chan and Mitsubishi

In Jackie Chan films you often see different models of Mitsubishi cars. In 1980, Jackie starred in his first American film driving a Mitsubishi. Jackie and Mitsubishi have had an onscreen partnership which has lasted a full 31 years. From 1980 when Jackie drove a Mitsubishi in the movie "Cannonball Run" , Chan has maintained an 'initimate contact' with Mitsubishi. Jackie Chan has often said: " Mitsubishi cars are my old friend. It gives me confidence. "

在成龙的影片中,经常能见到各种款式 三菱 车的身影,1980年成龙在其第一部主演的美国影片中驾驶 三菱 车出现在银幕中,到今年已经整整31年了。从二十多年前在电影《炮弹飞车》里使用了 三菱 汽车后,成龙就一直保持着与 三菱 汽车长期的“亲密接触”。成龙经常说:“ 三菱 汽车是我的老朋友,它给予我信心,是我的知己。”

The cooperation between Jackie Chan and Mitsubishi is not only a commercial partner, the two sides of the partnership have been elevated to the bonds of friendship between old friends. Jackie often said that regardless of when and where, as long as Mitsubishi needs him, he will be there. Especially when the Mitsubishi Dakar Rally team made ​​seven consecutive years, he said: "I'm really excited! Rally driver technology really is a must when the team made ​​the championship, I really am so happy. I am more pleased that Mitsubishi vehicles have won the championship at the Dakar Rally technologies into China and for China to develop many good drivers in China. "

在成龙看来,和 三菱 汽车的 合作 不仅是商业上的伙伴,双方的 合作 已经升华为老朋友之间的情义。他常说,自己好像是 三菱 汽车的一员,不论何时何地,只要有 三菱 汽车的活动就会关注。特别当 三菱 车队在达喀尔拉力赛上取得七连冠时,他感慨道:“真的是让人振奋。拉力车手的驾车技术真的是堪称一绝。当车队取得冠军时,我真的是太高兴了。让我感到更高兴的是, 三菱 汽车已将在达喀尔拉力赛中赢取冠军的技术投入中国,并为中国培养着许多出色的中国车手。”

Jackie Chan has had a keen racing career, and actively participates in various racing events. In the 1980s Mitsubishi held the same type of race as the annual Macau race named after Jackie Chan as the "Jackie Chan Prize Cup" But to Jackie's regret he was not personally allowed to participate in the races. (Jackie's worth was too high and the insurance company would not allow Jackie Chan to personally participate in the competition). To make up for this regret, he specifically wrote and filmed "Thunderbolt "

热心于赛车事业的成龙,积极参与各类赛车活动。上世纪80年代的 澳门 最优秀奖的辅助赛事中, 三菱 同一型号比赛,就出现以成龙来命名的“成龙 优胜 奖”。但是让成龙感到遗憾的是,自己无法亲自下赛场参赛(成龙大哥的身价过高,保险公司不允许成龙亲自下场参加比赛),为弥补这一遗憾,他特别编剧并拍摄了《霹雳火》。



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