Monday, February 28, 2011

More Pics from '1911'

They are starting to release more and more pictures now :)

War epic blockbuster "Revolution" is hot shot Xianghe, Hebei Province, was taken before fixation Jackie Chan movie, but also the only film a fight scene. The scene, wearing a hat to play Jackie Chan Huang Xing, wearing a windbreaker, and the two assassins melee. The reporters found that this was not his usual witty play Jackie Chan, comedy, and handsome but very tough. Interview, Jackie Chan admitted to respect history and the genuine intention to change the play style of play, but the dedication remains unchanged, a scene took a full 15, the very test of physical strength. In another, Jackie Chan will be into the group by his recently directed and starred in the drama since "Zodiac

Dedicated the same: a drama shot 15

They do not enter the hospital, could not hurt

Reporters rushed to the scene, the crew is filming "Revolution" in a fight scene only. This scene is about the early 20th century, Sun Yat-sen (Zhao Wenxuan decoration) for the first time back in the cabin, when the deputy marshal's Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) suggested that Sun Yat-sen show people in uniform, they then exchange for a package beam. Everyone welcome Sun in the danger comes when they did not notice, only Xing keep a sense of crisis, aware of assassins, after a fight to the other captured.

The scene, Jackie Chan wearing a hat, wearing a body for just down the Sun Yat-sen suit, coat, one against two assassins to get rid of close combat in the trench coat, cool like a year "on the beach" and "Ma Ying-jeou." Behind the handsome, is the pain - Jackie Chan and refused to use the past as a substitute, skill is still agile, strain capacity remains unparalleled, but still unfortunate enough to be twisted and hand swelled up quickly. The injured, Jackie Chan disagree, hold back the pain persist in shooting, very dedicated. In an interview, he said with a smile: "I am very common injury for you, I took 40 years of movies, as long as no injury to the hospital is not hurt!"

Surprisingly, this movie actually took a full 15. At the scene, the reporter saw Jackie Chan and Wu have time and again that "staged" "farce", often with internationally renowned stunt choreography and said they already feel perfect pass, Jackie Chan is still not satisfied, excellence, and requested more than one shot, "it certainly test the stamina!" Jackie said with a smile: "So every day I exercise, so that bodily functions to achieve the best possible." It is reported that Jackie Chan is in superb day, This is supposed to play 3-day shoot took two days to shoot out.

Typhoon drastic change: respect for history to abandon the "tricks"

In the past played witty, the pursuit of fast track

Although the "Revolution" and the gunfight scene in a lot of war scenes, while playing a game but only this, but Jackie Chan is still quite got the idea, personally adhere to all the action scenes design. "Before I played a number of relatively comedy, action, reaction would be more humorous. And Xing is the Grand Marshal, we design the action is more tough, agile skill, the pursuit of fast track, this scene from my previous style of play is quite different . "released in 1989 action film" miracle ", the Jackie Chan to play hat many action scenes," This just has to wear a hat, had wanted to come back a few tricks, such as get rid of it shot in front hat and so on, but in order to respect the history and identity of Huang Xing, finally gave up the idea. "

It is worth mentioning is that the "Revolution" is Zhaowen Xuan Sun 4th speech, in order to show the feeling of the young Sun, Zhao Wenxuan blew fertility of pounds. In the interview, Jackie Chan also revealed that first met with the makeup of the Zhaowen Xuan, Zhang Li, the director could not help him and exclaimed loudly: "too much like it!" And played the wife of Huang Xing Xu Zonghan of Li Bingbing is also amazing, Zhao Wenxuan and Sun Yat-sen is not only quite similar, "he not only in conversation, temperament, and are consistent with our impression that Sun Yat-sen!"













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