Monday, January 31, 2011

1911 is Filming in Tianjin

1911 has moved filming to Tianjin and are (were?) filming at Tianjin Experimental School the last few days. Tianjin is known for its old historical buildings and has become a popular place to film historical movies. 1911 is no exception.

Jackie proved again why he is regarded as 'Da Ge' by buying a famous Tianjin dish - Goubuli Baozi (or WIKIPEDIA) for the entire cast and crew.

January 31 hearing, "Nanjing! Nanjing! "," Wind "," Founding of the Republic "," Albert Party "... ... In recent years, many of the game's option, without exception, will be done on location in Tianjin. With the release of these films, including cadres clubs, churches and the city, Zhejiang Road, the historic look of many buildings have gradually been well known to audiences at home and abroad. Now, produced by Tianjin Northern Film Group, Jackie Chan as the general director of the film "Revolution" will also turn their attention to Tianjin. And had several films in different, this time, they will choose the location to the experimental schools and cultural radio and television drama. By the shooting of the machine, "Coastal Times" reporter first came to the studio, with Jackie Chan and his new work, close contact.

Big Brother to run for a very strong lineup

In general, the crew put together a film will not go to war, because of cost considerations, a few equipment vehicles, plus twelve actors dedicated nanny is sufficient. But this time, Jackie Chan to run for, the specification was high a lot.

Visit the set that day, when the reporter went to the Experimental High School Road in front of the flat when there has long been blocked by a packed, multi-cast vehicles, shuttle buses parked nearby, and many people also have stopped watching, hoping to see Jackie Chan figure. The school gate, a number of security and staff showing that heavy security. Entered the experimental schools, the huge square in front of full crew parked the car, roughly the number, equipment vehicles, nanny, etc. together enough to have dozens of cars as much. "To ensure the best results, this time we pulled directly from Beijing to all the equipment, not just the film crew, even the extras are." Face the press, a responsible person described as a "busy day and night before the location make things right. "such a big battle, so that reporters can not help wondering whether the experimental schools in recent days will be" Revolution "crew" occupation "and" only a drama, is the Sun office, posed for pictures with representatives of various sectors scenes. "questions for journalists, the other gives the answers. It appears that this produced by the Tianjin North Film Group movie, really under the foot work.

After the shooting, playing Jackie Chan Huang Xing, Sun played the Shao-wei Zhao Wenxuan and play groups, and play Tan Renfeng of "the" new three "version of Su," Howard Green are all coming out. Among these, who is also director, actor Jackie Chan has become the number of the post studio's most busy people, a military uniform, he stuck on the short beard, added a bit pride, take apart, take place from time to time with several actors , about opera.

To Tianjin bun ripe

Taken to Tianjin, Tianjin, northern China Film Group, in turn, produced, as the owner they will naturally not absent. Shoot the gap, the reporter in an obscure place to see some of the group's leadership and staff. "Low-key, low-key, not to the stage of publicity it is now." In the absence of fanfare, so that reporters at the scene, they seemed a bit surprised. "We are all involved in the whole film, from the initial script approval, project to the final determination, and the director, the actors chosen, the group very seriously." To reporters, Tianjin Northern Film Group described as a responsible person.

Chat, the other from time to time the phone rings. On the phone, press several times to hear the "buns," the word, fine one asked, the original day for the Jackie Chan Film Group, who specially prepared Tianjin specialty "Goubuli" buns. "Come to Tianjin, and of course have to play host, and let everyone taste the specialty of Tianjin." Yuehua Jian, "buns" to. Suddenly, the room crowded together again to see hot Tianjin specialty busy from morning to noon, the staff were quick to gather together. "Big Brother" Jackie Chan led the way, a Mandarin, a Cantonese dinner quickly greeted everyone, "all to taste, this is the real specialty of Tianjin, eat more, do not waste." To everyone until the distribution is completed, before Jackie Chan sit on the sidelines, he was eating up. So take care of its no wonder everyone in private with "Big Brother" to call him.

滨海新区网1月31日讯 《南京!南京!》、《风声》、《建国大业》、《建党伟业》……最近几年,多部年代戏都无一例外地将天津选做了外景地。随着这些影片的上映,包括干部俱乐部、浙江路教堂等本市众多历史风貌建筑都渐渐被国内外观众所熟知。而如今,由天津北方电影集团出品,成龙担任总导演的影片《辛亥革命》也将目光投向了天津。与此前几部影片不同,这一次,他们将外景地选在了实验中学和文化广播影视剧。借拍摄之机,《滨海时报》记者也第一时间来到片场,与成龙及他的新作近距离接触。










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